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I SHIP FROM UNITED STATES. Follow me at: Enjoy shopping in my store. Have a great day.
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Policy NUMBER 2

NOTE 1: Please do not hesitate to contact me IMMEDIATELY for any trouble with your order.

NOTE 2: Refund is RELEASED after I received my item back in good condition.

NOTE 3: Please return unwanted orders within 3-5 days. I am a busy person like you too. After 3-5 days this means the item you purchased is SOLD OUT.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Please contact me IMMEDIATELY for any trouble with your order. Please be responsible to TRACK your order. I do not want to hear "Ohh, I went vacation that is why I didn't open my order immediately." We have phones and tablets to check your order. For ON HAND PRODUCTS, I ship orders within 24-48 hours. I hope you get my point.

Policy NUMBER 1

WELCOME to RSS Boutique or

I ship from the United States.

For all READY TO SHIP ITEMS OR ON HAND PRODUCTS, I ship them within 24-48 hours after you place your order.

Please READ ALL our store policies in order to avoid misunderstanding in the future.

Policy NUMBER 3

NOTE 4: Please report to me any damage or broken items IMMEDIATELY or right after you receive your order. DO NOT REPORT when the item is in your possession 7 days or even a month or 1 year.

NOTE 5: I do not refund orders of 15 dollars and below. All sales of 15 dollars and below are FINAL SALE.

NOTE 6: If you want a refund you will not get your money 100% because or took their portion of their payment. This means when you ask for a refund, I will deduct restocking fee(20%), FEE, or FEE from your original payment.

NOTE 7: Returns or shipping back the item to me is customer responsibility unless I am the one who made the mistake.

Policy NUMBER 4


I do not pay any Royal Mail, taxes outside the United States. I can show my receipts to you if you need evidence of your own postal office. Please contact me for anything you need to show evidence of purchase and shipping.

NOTE 9: In my experience of selling for almost 11 years, some customers are hard-headed. Some customers demand me to ship their orders knowing that the item they order REQUIRES PERIOD OF WAITING. Please read the processing time you wanted to order. And if you CANNOT WAIT, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER. Thank you very much for your understanding.

If you do not agree with my store policies, please DO NOT ORDER. I appreciate your understanding. Thank you.