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The dress that came was similar but NOT THE DRESS IN THE PHOTO. The waistline is completely different, the solid skirt portion does not come down with the lace leaving you with about 1 foot of see through lace, the top is completely see through, the color is more purple than navy, and the lace at the top is not attached completely. The design of the dress does not allow anybody who may have a chest to put it on. Poor design, poor quality, not what I ordered, not worth what I paid. I hope I get a refund when I send it back.
Reviewed by Laly_15 on July 24, 2018
Dark blue lace dress
This dress does not appear see threw however it is. The lace on the bottom is a lot longer than in the pictures as well. Just not pleased with it.
Reviewed by Michelle_1473 on September 10, 2016
Dark blue lace dress
I bought the product 40 days ago and I don't have It yet. Bad service!!!
Reviewed by MarĂ­a Mercedes Varg.. on October 15, 2016
Swimsuit Swimwear Vintage Push Up High Waist Bikini Set
I received 1/2 of my order only to find that the wrong size was shipped. I still have not received the remaining items and am worried that I will be sent the wrong size again and that I will have trouble making the returns and receiving prompt reimbursement.
Reviewed by Christina Mote on July 19, 2016
Swimsuit Swimwear Vintage Push Up High Waist Bikini Set
Swimsuit Swimwear Vintage Push Up High Waist Bikini Set
Swimsuit Swimwear Vintage Push Up High Waist Bikini Set
If you have to return something, just forget about it. This seller will not contact you back. I had to contact Luulla representatives themselves to return my product. Don't waste your time with this seller!
Reviewed by bbeck3222 on June 21, 2016
Lace Dress in Mint Color
Lace Dress in Mint Color
Material is too thin and thread was falling apart on the dress I ordered. Definitely not worth $78.00
Reviewed by Bree Neff on May 19, 2016
Dark blue lace dress
I ordered a size too small, and when I asked to return or exchange it, it was a very long time before I received an answer of any kind. I wasn't able to get my money back so I wanted to exchange it. I sent it back, and have never heard anything else. so basically I paid for nothing.
Reviewed by Katie Sykes on January 10, 2016
Swimsuit Swimwear Vintage Push Up High Waist Bikini Set
I bought a dress the beginning of January, I accidentally entered the incorrect address. I have sent several emails trying to correct my mistake. I have never once gotten a response and I still have no dress or no refund
Reviewed by Valerie Pepito Cuiso.. on February 16, 2016
Dress in Black and Red
This dress was not what I expected when it arrived. I was unsure of the size and if it was "true to size" so I ordered a size up and when I tried on the dress, it truly was not what I expected. I'm not sure I want to order a smaller size as I did not like how the dress fit me nor did I like the material. So I will be returning the dress.
Reviewed by Maria V. Magpoc on December 11, 2015
Dark blue lace dress
I would like to return item.It did not fit. Thank you
Reviewed by Lisa Bolinger on December 11, 2015
Dark blue lace dress
Not sure how to find the tracking number, package is already 3 days late
Reviewed by gracefriese on October 4, 2015
Black Lace Dress #100
I did not receive the item I ordered. Instead I received 3 separate items that are not my style or even my size. I've paid for shipping one way...Now I have to pay to ship back. :( Hopefully - I didn't lose my money and will get a refund.
Reviewed by Lisa Ballard on August 19, 2015
Dark blue lace dress
Ordered the dress for an event 2 1/2 weeks later, never got response from the company regarding shipping after 4 inquires.
Reviewed by Amy Moss on August 27, 2015
Beaded Dress in Black
Hello, the blouse I ordered and paid for arrived on time however had blue stains on the left sleeve, the pleats that were created in the neck are uneven and therefore immediately visible if I wore this blouse. I couldn't have worn this blouse anywhere as it wasn't properly sewn and made. This blouse is advertised on Pinterest and I pinned it because it looked great in the picture however the reality is different. Therefore, please give me my money back. I'm going to set up the case, I can send you pictures how the blouse really looks.
Reviewed by Valtr Barbora on August 26, 2015
 Lace Chiffon Blouse Top
The dress is too small and has been returned for a full refund!
Reviewed by Wanda J Bell on June 22, 2015
Dark blue lace dress
The dress is advertised as Blue and White. It is anything but white. It is tan/campaign at best. Asked for refund 6 days after receiving the dresses and was told NO, I only had 5 days. Will not do business with this seller again, and I am very reluctant to use at all for any purchases.
Reviewed by Joe seymour on May 19, 2015
Embroidered Dress in Blue and White
Whitelilly, I am still waiting for the information as to where I can return this item as it did not fit properly. I have made contact regarding this previous to the time to return and still have not heard anything. Kindly verify the return address and credit the account. Jose/Natalie Lopez
Reviewed by Natalie Lopez on April 10, 2015
Handmade Embroidered Lace Dress in Blue
I don't like the quality of the material.
Reviewed by Lorilee Graham on April 7, 2015
Swimsuit Swimwear Vintage Push Up High Waist Bikini Set
Does not get in touch with customers! I need to exchange my suit for a different size, and zero contact has been made on their part.
Reviewed by Christy Lester on February 9, 2015
Swimsuit Swimwear Vintage Push Up High Waist Bikini Set
I opted to return this purchase to the seller and was met with rudeness all along the way. From waiting days to respond to my first messages, to refusing to give me the return address at my request (when I asked for the address, they replied, "The address is on the package we sent you."), this was far more difficult than it had to be. I initially contacted the seller about returning the swimsuit on February 9, 2015, and after weeks of trying to get all the information I needed to return it, I finally received a partial refund (they did not refund any shipping costs) today (March 11). Of course no business likes to see things returned to them, but I feel the seller could - and should - have been much kinder and more helpful throughout the process.
Reviewed by Sarah Ramage on March 11, 2015
Swimsuit Swimwear Vintage Push Up High Waist Bikini Set