Jewelry That Looks Great With Off-Shoulders
Posted by Shu Wen Thursday 22 Mar 2018
Off-the-shoulders are one of the top summer babes besides crop tops. Thanks to its flattering bare neckline, it is summer-friendly and looks absolutely gorgeous even on those with wider shoulders or arms. At least you can easily flaunt them and nail the sexy summer look without having to worry about the flabs you flash from a crop top.

With this trend being all the rage, you can easily find off-shoulders in a dress or a top. But never leave your shoulders bare, this is the best time to make full use of your jewelry collection. Read on to see how versatile off-the-shoulder is that goes well with most jewelry types to nail from casual to elevated evening looks.

1 | Choker Necklace

Source: Sazan

When you are in doubt on what to pair a choker necklace with, off-the-shoulder is number one in your wardrobe priority. Choker and off-the-shoulder is like a match made in heaven, don't you think so? Chokers give an edgy vibe that complements perfectly with the elegant shoulder-baring style.

Even with choker alone, there are endless types of chokers that give you a different look. Check out the choker necklaces here.

$6.99 USD

$5.99 USD

$20.99 USD

To amp up any off-shoulder evening dresses, pair it with a bedazzling statement choker necklace that instantly draws attention to your sexy upper body.

$18.00 USD

A simple and dainty layered choker for minimalist.

$5.99 USD

Here is one for boho chics to complete the bohemian vibe during the summer.

2 | Layered Necklace

Source: Viva Luxury

Layering necklace was once a skill you need to master to prevent the tangling disaster on your necklace and not having to look like a mess on your neck. But now, there are ready-made layered necklaces that made life so simple.

$25.20 USD (Promo Price)

$6.99 USD

$15.00 USD

$12.90 USD

$25.80 USD (Promo Price)

$5.09 USD (Promo Price)

3 | Long / Lariat Necklace

Long necklaces are great as it elongates your figure, looks great on smaller figure ladies as it gives an illusion of greater height. However, ensure that the necklace length stops right above the navel for an on-point look. In order for long necklaces to stand out, find one with big pendant if the chain is fine. It helps to give a little weight and dangles perfectly on your body.

$1.00 USD

$4.99 USD

$9.99 USD

$5.99 USD

$4.45 USD (Promo Price)

4 | Statement Necklace

If minimal jewelry means playing safe for you, go for a leap bold step in making a statement with bold jewelry. Especially when your top is plain and basic, amp it up with a statement necklace that draws attention to your face.

$20.00 USD

$9.80 USD (Promo Price)

$10.00 USD

$7.50 USD

$8.99 USD

5 | Statement Earrings

Source: Extra Petite

Lastly, if one day you decided that it is not a necklace day, give the off-shoulder ensemble a perfect finishing touch with a pair of earrings that WOW! Earrings that wow are probably tassels, dangling statement earrings. It adds a playful hint while adds a little drama to the entire look.

$7.00 USD

$36.00 USD

$15.50 USD

$6.99 USD

$15.00 USD

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