Essential Festival Tips to Get You Ready
Posted by Shu Wen Friday 27 Apr 2018
One of the highlight in summer - Music Festivals. Aren't you excited to get your feet on the ground and get pumped up by your favourite band? Counting down to these festivals may be excited and ecstatic but when it may not appear so when it comes to the packing and preparation. Whether you have been to countless of festival tips or this may be your first time, do not worry. Check out the list of tips here to get you ready (physically and mentally) for the festival and most importantly to get the best out of it.

1 | Pack your things a few days before the trip

Especially if it takes a long and far ride to the place. It would be advisable to pack your things beforehand and get them ready to prevent missing out any essentials. Do a checklist of items you plan to bring and check them off as you pack them. This definitely safe the hassle to remember what you have and missed out and prevent the fuss to unpack them all for confirmation.

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2 | Download the app

Download the festival app if they have one. It allows you to navigate the festival grounds, activities available and the schedule within clicks. So get a quick grasp of the app before you are there.

3 | Pack what's necessary and keep your bags light

What to pack?

1. For Clean-ups

You may know that there are many public toilets and showers for you there but there are even more people on the site who are gonna fight for them together. So just put aside whatever OCD or clean freak habits you may have and be mentally prepared to get yourself a little untidy. To make cleaning easier prepare the following:

a) Wet Wipes/ Wet Tissues

b) Hand sanitiser

c) Dry Shampoo

2. What to Wear

Just wear what makes you comfortable, something loose or breezy. But do get ready for the unexpected weather. You cannot assume the sunshine is gonna be out for you and be nice during the festivals. So bring extra layers like jackets and ponchos for both rain and shine, hot and cold. For shoes, giving your heels and boots a break is actually giving your feet a break. So opt for covered ones like sneakers and vans would be great.

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3. What to Eat

You definitely do not have to worry about food as the site offers lots of comfort food fix while you're jamming out to music. However, bringing your own food would be a much cost-saving option after splurging your money on the tickets. So one alternative to keep your food cold and fresh is a cooler or just pack some energy bars or snacks that keep you fuelled right away.

4. For your skin

The weather is definitely not joking. Standing and dancing all day long under the heat is not a joke at all. So keep your skin protected. Apply sunscreen and bring caps and hats. For easy packing, buy the packets of single-use sunscreen. Use it and dispose it off. How convenient.

5. For the night

You definitely need lights during the night or even when you wanna pee. So bring along a torch light, LED keychain or a head torch (with batteries). Or something cooler, wear a pair of LED lit sneakers!

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6. Save with Waterproof

Just be precaution with the rain. Bring zip lock bags to keep your things. And well for your phone, get a waterproof bag. Your phone will thank you for that.

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7. Carry Cash With Ease

It is best to bring fanny pack or a money belt or a waist bag to keep your money safe with you. Keeping them safe with you is better especially when the festival is crowded with people.

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8. Portable Phone Charger

You need to save your phone from dying in order to last for a few days. So it would be best to bring along a portable phone charger or power bank to avoid queues.

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4 | Familiarise with the venue

Get familiarised with the venue like know where the toilets are or the first aid kit. Since you have the app downloaded, use it and navigate to familiarise before it is all crowded.

5 | Claim your territory

If you are camping there, make sure use a distinctive flag to represent your tent. Use bright colours, design or logo that you would be able to identify when you want to get back and rest. If you go in large groups, decide on a meeting point at a specified time just in case you got lost and you do not want to waste time finding your friend or loved ones. Another way is to wear bright neon colour shirts or caps.

6 | Do not leave anything behind

There is always a possibility of losing your belongings or items. Losing them while you walk, hmm this is definitely not gonna be an easy task finding them back unless you have a pair of eagle eyes.

7 | Live in the moment

We know sharing is caring, capturing moments to reminisce after everything may be something of value to you. But do not overdo it, share a short clip on your Instagram story or just record a short video for memory will do. And enjoy the live moments with the crowd.