Handmade Skin Care Soap for Better Complexion
Posted by LuullaAdmin Saturday 14 Jul 2018
Listen up, you guys! There are so many reasons why you should use natural handmade soaps than commercial soaps. I know, why make such a fuss over something so minor like soap? Just like you, back then, my general rule of thumb when it comes to selecting soaps, "As long as it smells good and I don't stink, that should do it". Read on to know about the 6 reasons why handmade soaps are better than commercialised soaps. I hope this explains why handmade soaps are naturally the best skin care product out there. So, the first obvious reason would be this.

1. Handcrafted soap uses only organic ingredients.

Before we deep dive into the boring scientific reasons of natural soaps vs commercial soaps (I'm sorry, I really don't mean to bore you!), grab your bath essential and scan for the word "soap". Do you see it? A large majority of the population are using harsh substances, harderners and cleansing agents during bath time rather than the real thing; soap. Walk down the aisle of the supermarket or anywhere with a bath product section, do you realize the word 'soap' isn't on most of the lablels? There is a reason behind it. .If it doesn't say soap, it probably isn't it. It's most likely a detergent bar. As they cannot be legally labelled as "soap", detergent bar doesn't sound very good so what marketers do is to cleverly label them as "cleansing bar, beauty bar or moisturizing bar".

Thus, these chemically laced poison bars are really harsh on your skin and if you have sensitive skin, you'll probably feel instant dryness and potentially have skin irritation after stepping out of the shower. Handcrafted soaps on the other hand, uses only organic essential oils derived from plants and natural colorants like clay. That brings us to the next reason.

2. Handmade soap contains glycerin.
Handcrafted soap contains glycerin. What's glycerin? It's a humectant and skin moisturizing agent which is usually absent in commercial soaps. It's produced naturally in the soap making process and again, which is why handmade soaps are a lot more skin loving. It leaves your skin feeling supple and smooth. While many commercial soaps state that they contain moisturizing agents to bring health and moisture to your skin, don't be fooled. As previously mentioned, hand crafted soaps are created with natural ingredients, oils, liquids and lye. Over the years, the use of natural oils have been replaced by animal fats, toxic chemicals and synthetic substances (because they are a lot more cheaper). The naturally occurring glycerin has been removed from the bars and to sell it to make lotions and creams.

Which also brings us back to the reason why commercial "soaps" aren't labelled as soap. The FDA website defines soap as: the bulk of the nonvolatile matter in the product consists of an alkali salt of fatty acids and detergent properties are due to the alkali-fatty acid compounds, and the product is labeled, sold, and represented solely as soap [21 CFR 701.20].

3. Handmade soaps contains natural healing properties for healthier, better skin

There is nothing that your bar of store bought soap is beneficial to your skin. Aside from smelling good from the fragrance perfume in the ingredient list, the ingredients used are actually harmful in the long run. Natural soaps are made with herbs, plants and therapeutic natural oils that traditionally has claimed to have healing properties. The delightful aromas and bars infused with the mandatory vitamins and nutrients required by your skin will transform your shower tremendously. Do your skin a favour and care for it more. You don't want to end up with a terrible skin allergy, rash or any acne outbreak. In serious conditions, it can go so bad that even make up can't save you.

Another notable factor would be the pH factor of handcrafted soaps. On top of the glycerin goodness, the naturally alkaline level of real, handcrafted soaps help to maintain the skin's natural pH levels.Our skin is naturally acidic in order to kill bacteria that is present and the act of cleansing would naturally dry up the skin. Thus, we should actually by using a high pH soap without harmful substances which will help your skin to re-balance, moisture and nourish itself. The only reason why "alkali free" is on the label of commercial soaps is to prolong its product's shelf life.

4. Handmade soaps are environmental and animal-friendly

Do you still remember the last video you watched by PETA about how those poor animals are cuffed while the evil industrial monsters torment these helpless creatures with extremely harsh chemicals and substances ( which are present in that store bought soap by the way)? Doesn't it make you cry? God, have mercy for these animals. They did nothing to deserve it. Look what they have to go through simply because you want to enhance your daily shower experience. The industry would do anything just so they can gain the extra profits. You can make a change. Even the smallest change such as choosing to use products that are free from animal testing.

As handcrafted soaps uses all-natural ingredients, there's nothing corrosive to the skin. These ingredients are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The water of your after-shower can flow safely into the sea without polluting with those shiny-holographic-like chemicals. It's not like commercial soaps can kill more germs. The only thing you're slowly killing is yourself and the environment. You can even watch tutorials on YouTube on how to make DIY soaps using the classic sopanification process at home. No crying animals, no killing the environment with pollutants and just skin-friendly and zero waste homemade ingredients for your skin. Sounds like a win for everyone, for you and mother nature!

5. You will be supporting the local community

There are communities out there who are taking initiatives to lead cruelty-free and healthier lifestyles. The true nature of uniqueness comes from the people who make the soaps themselves. Embracing life's lessons and successfully produced from the trial and error, crafty handmade soaps are the results from their hard work and skill. They are the work of artisans and hobbyists who highly value their craft. You can sense workshops and stores brimming with price and true authenticity. Plus, the art of soap-making change the lives for many people. It has provided additional income that allows them to feed their families.

Just like many other talented artisans around the world, Suzys Soap Etc. has a particularly amazing store with handcrafted soaps that are moulded and sculptured into one of a kind designs. You really should to check out all her creations! Each mold is truly unique and amazing as they have their own story to tell.

$4.00 USD

The bee and honeycomb soap is made with honey and goat's milk which gives an extraordinary creamy texture. The bee is embedded with gold mica and the soap is scented with luscious oatmeal, milk and honey fragrance.

Another favourite would by the sea glass soap. These realistic-looking sea glass soap exudes a tropical vacation fragrance, a delicious-smelling blend of mango, coconut and pineapple. It instantly helps you unwind after a stressful day and lets you enjoy the luxury of what nature can offer.

$2.00 USD

The artisan goes an extra mile by adding a creative twist to these soaps by giving them functionality purposes.

$4.50 USD

This glycerin soap with its massaging bumps contains a slice of loofah that gives you an well rounded shower experience. Scented with Santa's Spruce with a glorious blend of sugar and blue spruce. Made with naturally-derived ingredients such as coconut oil and soy bean protein conditioner.

Show your support for the pains and gains of the artisans around the world who took time, patience and crafty workmanship to produce a single bar of soap.Not one bar of soap will ever be the same. From the flick of the artisan's wrist, variances in temperature and climate can result a different feel in texture. The only thing consistent in the soap making process is the amount of passion and determination put into producing these nurturing yet cleansing bars.

6. You can get customize handcrafted soaps to express yourself, personality and value.

You definitely will not be disappointed if you're looking for a variety of handmade soaps to try. Suzys Soap Etc offers different kinds of handmade natural soaps that will heal and protect your skin. As making soaps can be seen as a creative outlets, you can customize your bars with exfoliants, fragrance, colour, skin-safe glitter and more. The are over hundreds of essential oils and natural ingredients that can be added to your soap. You certainly won't find those quality ingredients in commercialised soaps!