6 Simple Decoration Ideas for Valentines Day
Posted by Shu Wen Monday 28 Jan 2019
Love is in the air ~~ On this special and sweet occasion, transform your house or your celebration place into a love shack. Maybe you have plans to bring your bae to her favourite restaurant this year or maybe something cosy for the both of you at home that seems to be a more romantic gesture. Set up the right atmosphere to complement your candle light dinner or activities would be TOTALLY on point! Get some quick and simple decoration ideas that you can incorporate during this V day! Absolutely simple and easy!

#1 On the Wall

The wall is always an easy place to decorate on. It provides ample space that gives endless possibilities and ideas to convey your loveee.

Buntings are definitely a go-to option if you are having it in a restaurant. It helps to add a splash of elegant colour to the space with reflective metallic material. Easy to match any interior space or restaurant of your choice. If you are keen on some red to reflect Valentine's day colour, feel free to add on with some red hearts to it. This bunting is handmade, made of warp cloth. Reusable and washable for any other festive occasions.

Another options for bunting would be this hearts origami. This is surely gonna impress your loved ones. This origami set comes in a set of 50 with a mixed of 10 colours. You can choose to hang them as a bunting horizontally across the wall. Or another way would be vertically, near the wall or along the stairs.

Or you can stick the hearts on the wall. Forming a heart shape or a shape that flows in random shape.

If you would like to add a sweet touch to the wall, usable even after the Valentine's day itself, these wall stickers or vinyls are perfect for you. These stickers are easy to apply and removable if you want to change it in the future. You can stick them in the living room, bedroom or any glass. They are quick and convenient addition to the wall that adds unique personality and touch to the interior.

This infinity love wall sticker is perfect for minimalist interiors. It is simple yet holds strong meanings of love being infinite and boundless and that love is essential to be in the centre of the home. If you are more expressive and into words, why not go for the next wall sticker instead. It says "Home is wherever I'm with you", totally speak in volume about your love and feelings. It comes in various colours and customizable sizes, so be assured to have one that fits perfectly with your interior theme and wall size.

#2 The Perfect Lighting

It is all about the romantic feels. Set the atmosphere right with the perfect lighting, not too bright and not too dim for the both of you. One important tip here, do not use colourful or blinking lights, it turn out very distracting and annoying. Keep it a soft and warm tone on that special night.

Instead of your typical holiday string and fairy lights, why not opt for this.

This 3D LED heart shaped light illuminates warm tone that sets the perfect mood in the room. It is mountable on the wall or display it on anything flat (free standing). You can easily place this wherever you want as it lights up with batteries, no wires involved. How convenient! You can have this placed together with some photos and flower petals for a complete touch.

These rose fairy lights are like the 2-in combo. With roses and lights together, perfect combo in bringing an element of romance in any room. You can arrange together with your flowers for the extra glow. It comes in pink or white.

Bring your lighting to a whole new level with this L.O.V.E 3D lights. Let this light says it all. It is simply unique and keep the message straightforward. It comes in various colours from blue, green to red. With just a click of a button, you get to change the colours of the lights.

Bring in more love and hearts with this pretty heart-shaped fairy lights. The heart shape fairy lights is not enough, hang them in a heart shape too! It comes in various colour with a length of 3 meter.

#3 On the Table

Your table seems like a little too empty? Check out the following items for some inspirations.

If you are into a rustic theme for the night, this table runner is simple gorgeous and is sure to come in handy. Totally love the rustic and vintage style and texture of it, trimmed with a strip of lace for a sweet touch. Set your dining table with it. Then, topped it with some romantic aromatic candles and rose petals!

If your bae is into something adorable and cute, incorporate your decor with these lovely LOVE bears. They are tiny and perfect for decor all year round after this lovely celebration.

Celebrate and appreciate each other with this customisable I Love You frame. Have them display at any space of yours that serves as a perfect reminder of how far both of you have come together and it is simply because of LOVE that keeps both of you together.

#4 Add some cosiness

With a simple trick, just throw in some lovey dovey pillows on your couch. Add a sweet touch while perfect for hugging them while snuggling on the couch during a cool night. Do not need to buy new pillows, just change your current ones with these pillow covers. Made from linen cotton, soft and breathable which is suitable for all season. It's minimalist pattern and colour easily matches with light to dark tone of sofas.

#5 Display some sweet photos of you two

Pictures speak a thousand words. Let the photos day it all as you develop them and line them nicely be it in frames or hang them in strips. Your another half is sure to appreciate them as most love to look at photos, not just because who is in the picture, but it brings back memories of how far both of you have come since the day you both met. You guys are definitely gonna have a good laugh of each other and a good talk on each memories you painted in each other lives.

Source: Go DIY Go

#6 Add some Flowers

This last tip would definitely work. Well, how can you not include flowers on this special day?! Buy a bouquet that would be great. A bit too cliche? Make a rose wreath! Or spell it out some rose petals in a shape or letters. Or another way is to create a trail with those petals to guide your gurl to where your surprise would be!

Source: Blush Crate

So hope that this can help you in decorating for your upcoming V-Day! Haven't got a gift for her, check out our handmade Valentine's gift for her here!