Summer Essentials To Kickstart The Season
Posted by Shu Wen Friday 7 Jun 2019
You can now wave the cold and chills goodbye and welcome the summer season with arms open wide. Summer is where all the excitement comes in because there are so many activities to be done, no limits, it is all about fun in the sun. I am pretty sure you have your summer activities lined up even way before this season get started. To get it start rolling, check out some of the essentials you need this summer!

1. Summer hats and caps

The sun gives you the Vitamin Ds you need. However, not at all times the rays are good for the skin. Especially for some girls, they might not welcome the sun rays as some do, keeping their skin protected as much as possible when they are exposed to the sun. Therefore, whether you love the sun or not, it is always good to get extra protection for your skin with the summer hats and caps which can be used as an accessory as well. Kill two birds with one stone so why not.

$16.50 USD

Grab this hat because the bright and youthful colour just match perfectly well with the season and definitely gonna match with your summer outfits too! Pack them for any summer travels and beach parties!


If you are more to the plain and simple side, check out this Anti UV hat. Simple in design that finishes with a ribbon that cascades with a knot the back for an extra detail.


If you wish to go for more casual look instead of the hat style, a cap might be a better option for you. This cap gives off the sporty vibe and at the same time a feminine vibe with its floral embroidery.

2. Get the right shoes

Whether you are heading to the beach or hiking some mountains, please your feet with the right shoes should be your main priority. Keep them comfortable and suitable for the right occasions and settings. Check out the wide range of shoes we have for you that will keep you looking good at all times.

$9.99 USD

Who doesn't love flip flops? They are definitely a go-to footwear for the beach that allows you to get sandy or wet without having to worry about them. This collection of flip flops come in various prints and design from leopard print, zebra print, bubble pops and butterfly print.

$25.99 USD

Heading to the city? Grab these pair of sandals. Made with weave string that keeps your feet secure as you walk. Not only that, the design is absolutely eye-catching that comes together with irresistible comfort.

$37.99 USD

For something more adventurous, a pair of sneakers would be great. For any walk, hike and holiday, you need good pair of breathable shoes, providing the air circulation you need to keep your feet fresh and comfortable all day long.

$33.00 USD

3. Bags

Having a lot of summer essentials? You need a bag to get them all together in one place, these summer bags are the answer to your needs. From sunscreen, umbrella, shades, mats, waterbottle, any essentials you need. Pack them all together in these bags.

$17.99 USD

Get the summer feels with this boho summer rattan bag. This bag is simple and is deep enough to fill in essentials.

$25.99 USD

$65.00 USD

Go for this versatile canvas bag which can bring you everywhere and anywhere. Not only versatile but it is durable. Made from cotton and leather at the bottom. The good thing about having the leather at the base is that it can easily be cleaned from any dirt and water.

$24.99 USD

For more compartments and to meet your functional needs, go for this outdoor backpack. It is waterproof as well. No matter rain or shine, your things are gonna be well protected.
$23.99 USD

4. Summer Shorts/ Leggings
Comfort is all you need during this season no matter you are on the hill, sandy beach or in the city. These summer shorts, leggings and yoga pants are definitely gonna be your go-to pants for the season. Wearing them everyday? So what?!

$18.00 USD

Here is one versatile piece which you can literally match with any tops from tank tops, plain tees, sweaters, hoodies, crop tops and many more. This pair of leggings can literally bring you from yoga classes to the mall with ease. Just change your top and footwear and off you go.

$26.99 USD

If you wish to be out of the mainstream, grab this cool cross hollow out leggings. The hollow out design at the calves definitely brought a pair of leggings to a whole new level. The waistline is accentuated with its darker tone leading to the slim and fitting leg pants to the sophisticated touch at the end of the pants. This pair of leggings is ready for any adventures of yours this summer.

$17.99 USD

Shorts is more of your cup of tea? Get this printed shorts! They are flowy, light and soft in material which keeps your movement free and easy. The waistband keeps it secure with a smocked tie and finished with some frills on the hem.

$12.90 USD

How can we miss out the tropical prints for this season? Got one in your closet? It is time to dust it off from your closet and show them off in the sunshine! This tropical print summer shorts is gonna give you the tropical vibes you need. Just pair them with a plain tee or crop top and a pair of shades!

5. Swimsuit

Summer is the pool party sets in! Grab this opportunity to show off what you've got with swimsuits. But of course, show off your assets with the right style of swimsuits. Pick the right one that fits and accentuates your body shape.

$19.00 USD

Here is one piece swimsuit for those who love the classic style and do not want the hassle of two piece. What is great about this piece is the hollow out details that helps to give an illusion of a slimmer waist while adding a sophisticated touch to this piece.

$15.90 USD

Have some love handles that you wanna hide? No worries you do not have to be shy about them. These high waist style of swimsuit is gonna give you the confidence you need this summer. This two piece comes with retro print that pops up against the black backdrop of the piece.

$9.90 USD

Wanna go all out? Go for this bikini set accented with cute bows on the shoulder strap.

These essentials are gonna get you ready for the summer. Start shopping for them and make sure you are well equipped for your adventures in the sun!