12 Warning Signs of a Bad First Date
Posted by Luulla Admin Tuesday 20 Jun 2017
First date can be a pretty nerve wracking experience, it can either be a total blast or a complete nightmare. And of course, the gamble part is all part of the fun. However in defence of the people who gone through an awful first date and pretty awesome dates, first date isn't always the ultimate factor in deciding whether you and your date would really hit it off.

Usually if you're on a bad date, you'll probably know it! But, there are a couple of red flags you should take note when you're on your first date, so that you can judge if a second date would be a good idea or not.

1. Interrogation Time

Yes, first date is trying to know each other better with questions and small talk. However, if the conversation you share on a first date feels more intense than a job interview, you're not getting to know them better; you're being interrogated. Although it is harmless but chances are they're looking for you to have all of the answers they seek. This will definitely stress you out a lot and make you feel uneasy. Compatibility should always feel comfortable.

2. It's All About ME, ME, and still ME

If you can't seem to put a word in whenever your date starts talking, your date is probably the audience seeker who always want to find someone to talk about whatever's going on in their lives. This is indeed a big red flag as they've absolute no interest about your life because it's all about "ME, ME, ME!" for them. TBH they just love hearing their own voice (lol).

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3. The Silent Therapy

Yes, we all admit first date can be nerve wracking. It's totally aright and natural to have a few shy, or awkward moments before the conversation kicks off. Nevertheless, nonstop awkward silence throughout the date is totally a big NO as it could mean that both of you don't have enough common interests. If it's just nerves that are getting the best of you, don't be afraid to let them now. This will make them relief that it's not because you don't want to be there.

4. Can't Part With Their Phone

Everyone is slightly addicted to their devices, but keeping phones on the table during a date is rude. And non-stop replying to texts, calls or just checking out their social medias rather than having a real-live conversation with you just shows an immediate red flag! You could ask them to put their phone away politely, if they can't respect that, we wouldn't blame you for leaving.

5. Being A Jerk

If someone's unnecessarily rude to you or the person surrounding you (such as gripping over something small a waiter did, honk whenever people pass on the street), it shows that they are totally thoughtless, disrespectful, and dismissive. Even worse, if they start to condemn on their family, friends or random passerby. This will most likely lead to a relationship filled with arguments and disrespect, and have you wondering why you ever 'interested in that type of a human being.' So, DROP em before they be an ass to you!

6. SO Not Over Their Ex

"My ex this, my ex that." Talking about the ex on the firs date is acceptable, but only if it's limited to about a minute or two of the conversation (of course not bringing up this topic is always the best!). However, if you find that he or she just can't stop talking about the ex, then it's an obvious sign that they still haven't move on. That person may someday be a good date, but definitely not right now.

7. The Player

A date is supposed to be a night about you two alone. If you caught your date has wandering eyes and start gawking at other candidates too much to look at you, flirting with the waiter, constantly on the phone, or they're openly talking about their crazy life as a sex-crazed heart-breaker, seriously DITCH EM!

8. Doesn't Care About Their Appearance / Bad Hygiene

When you're out on a date, you would of course, want to look presentable. "Dressing Up Is A Form Of Good Manners". But if you start to notice that your date doesn't put the least bit of effort into their appearance or even worse doesn't care of their personal hygiene (who has odour). Let that be someone else's problem; your sanity, and of course your nose will thank you!

"Dressing Up Is A Form Of Good Manners"

9. Sex Is The Only Thing In The Mind

It's such a turnoff when your date is clearly more interested in your body than what you have to say. If your date keep detouring the conversation back to whether or not the evening will end with a sex, you should definitely pass on that one as sex probably is the only intention he or she wanted this first date.

10. Zero Chemistry

If both of you're having candle light dinner with wine served, and yet sparks still aren't flying; you don't feel any butterfly in your stomach. This could be a good signal indicates whether or not you two have romantic potential.

11. Check, Please

Casual dinners make great first dates, but if you're dining together and your plates are still full but you or your date is already fishing out for the check, sadly, either one of you're just not into each other. No one will want to rush a romantic evening that's going well and call it a night.

12. Being Too Touchy

It's only the first date and if you haven't given any outward signs that you're okay with touching, then your date must respect your boundary! Touching usually starts at the hands, and if both parties are comfortable, they can take it from there. However, if your date already has his/ her hands all over you, then this can show that they want to escalate your relationship at a pace you may not be comfortable with.

Sometimes, we tend to get smitten and overlook these signs. But these very 12 red flags during the first date will soon come back and haunt you if you take your relationship to the next level. Unless you want a broken heart, make sure you do considering these signs before moving on!