The Perfect Guide for Winter Party Outfits
Posted by Shu Wen Friday 17 Nov 2017
Season's greetings! It is the best time of the year where you'll see magical fairy lights, bells ringing, and radiating fireworks complementing sweet gatherings and parties. Endless invitations keep coming in, great food is coming on its way, but what to wear?!!

The cold season may be a hassle especially the cold is unbearable and you need all the layers to keep yourself comfy and warm. Yet, this does not mean you would need to forgo style to accommodate the chills. Check out the list of winter party outfits below which I have curated and you'll be sure to sizzle the night effortlessly even when it is cold outside.

#1 Chic Velvet

Source: Hattitbox

Velvet is the one one the best textures that will never go wrong in parties. Luxurious in its silky and soft texture, creating a glamorous feel instantly without having to do much, literally! Hattibox had suit it up with velvet and sheer stockings for an edgy touch and a little warmth to the legs.

Here I have a chic velvet look in a velvet plunging V dress. If you feel that the V is a little too low, layer a turtleneck top underneath. That would look cool as well. But be sure to have the choker necklace off and swap it for a pair of drop earrings. Then, finish off with a furry fluffy clutch bag and a pair of pointed pumps.

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#2 Black Rage

Source: Dennielias

Black seems like the high favoured, go-to colour whether for casual outfit or parties. No doubt that black is everyone's favourite as it is visually slimming and giving off the modish look at all time.

So get rage in all black ensemble for your winter party this time. Getting bored of dresses? Try on this off-the-shoulder top with wide-leg pants for a fresh look. Accessorise with a black chained bag, minimal accessories and a pair of floral pumps.

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#3 Sweet Romance

Florals don't come and go instead, they stay through every season and still going strong. I love the bold combination of Zinafashionvibe here. Puffer jacket may seem a no-no with a dress as it does not pull off the look. But here, she proved me wrong as she coordinated a floral dress with a puffer jacket. They seem pretty decent together.

So why not try this ensemble out. Here I have a sweet pink floral dress with bow accent and a black puffer jacket to give you substantial warmth. Complete the look with a pair of pointed ankle boots and an evening clutch for a sweet romance appeal.

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#4 Fur + Beanie

Go to the max in this coordination to look absolutely gorgeous in your winter parties. Natalieoffduty definitely pulls off both the casual and charming look with its faux fur coat. Plus, the beanie hat makes a great combo to the outfit while being essential for the cold.

Here we have a colour block maxi dress with a faux fur coat. Faux fur coat owns the magical power that amazes us as it glams up every outfit even on simple basics in just a blink. Love the puffiness of the coat that elevates the look. Complete the stunning look with a shoulder bag, a beanie hat (of course) and a pair of booties.

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#5 Glitz Night

Source: Jeanwang

Get some fun from the ruffle frills this season. Ruffles are flattering no matter where it is - be it on the sleeves, neckline or hems. They are lovely and gorgeous to the eyes. Just like how Jeanwang had paired the ruffled wrap dress. Really simple. She finished off with a pair of thigh-high boots and a box bag for a night out!

So here we have a ruffled wrap dress as well but with spaghetti straps. So layer it on with a leather jacket for some edginess and keep your legs not overly exposed with a pair of sleek over-the-knee boots. Ensure that the dress hits the right length and leaving a tiny peep of your skin between the boots and the dress for an on-point look. Instead of box bag, I have made it glitz with a sequinned clutch bag.

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