Prom Makeup Looks Based on Your Dress Styles
Posted by Shu Wen Monday 8 Jan 2018
Prom season is approaching, girls! Getting all excited to hunt for prom dresses to look extremely gorgeous on this special event? Here is a guide to types of makeup looks to go for based on the types of dresses you have in mind. If you still haven't got a clue on what type of dresses you are gonna go for, scroll down and be inspired!

There are tons of makeup styles for sure the moment you type it on the search bar. This is definitely gonna be overwhelming especially if you are a makeup newbie. Fret not. Here is a short list of the top makeup looks that will come in handy along with its tutorials.

1. Neutral Eyes + Red Bold Lip

Source: Vogue

Try the red bold lips this time for a standout look on your prom night. When wearing striking lip colour, it is best to keep your eye makeup as neutral as possible to keep the red lips as the limelight. So use neutral tones for the eyes, apply a few coats of mascara and the final matte red lipstick.

Do not worry as everyone can pull off the red scarlet lips as long as you pick the right shade of red which compliment your skin tone.

Dress to go for: Black Dress

This bold red lips are classic and elegant yet giving a sultry alluring look. Step out with confidence as you go for figure-flattering dresses that make a perfect combo with the look. Plus, look for darker shades and best would be black to let the red lips shine.

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2. Pretty Barbie Makeup

If you dream it. You can be it. Try this looks out if you are a Barbie wannabe. Captivate your bae with those sharp smokey eyes, with a glimpse of shimmer on the lower lid and topped with mascaras and dark eyelashes. Let the eyes be the focus while finishing it off with a blush glossy lipstick.

Dress to go for: Soft Pastel Dress

Soft pastel dresses give off that magical feel for a princess which is why it is best with this Barbie makeup look. Soft pastel is all the rage this year for a bubbly and sunshine appearance.

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3. Dark Berry Lips Makeup

It is time to rock those lips with a darker shade for a fresh new look. This dark berry lip creates a bold, sharp and vampy look with its purplish red colour complementing with lighter tone or barely-there eyeshadows for a balance-up. Just make sure that you keep the lips as the focus just like the red lips.

If you wanna keep it really simple just have your eyes lined and coated with mascara. Do not forget about the eyebrows, it is crucial to balance up the rest of the face.

A quick tip on applying dark lipstick, it is suggested to line your lips first to prevent the mess that you need to cover up after applying it. Also, make sure that you use a similar tone of lipliner. Lastly, do a teeth check for a flashing gorgeous smile.

Dress to go for: Floral Dress

Try matching this bold look with a floral dress. Florals give a versatile look as it can nail both sexy and sweet styles.

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4. Smokey Eyes + Sparkly

Source: Lisa Eldridge

Get all festive with this smokey eyes sparkle makeup. When it comes to smokey eyes, it is definitely all about it. In order to nail it, it definitely has got some tricks on how to blend those colours based on the types of eyes shape you have.

Add some glitter as a sparkly finish to bring the whole look up. Your eyes will be so captivating with those sparkles that none can take their eyes off you.

Dress to go for: Gradient Ombre Dress

Ombre dresses give a wow factor with its colours blending in seamlessly in a gradient effect. It has made its way not only on casual tops but to formal dresses. If you are looking for something unique, go for ombre dresses. Match them with some glittery eyes for a perfect combo!

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