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Therapeutic Healing Hazelwood Neckl..
Therapeutic Healing Hazelwood Necklaces

Therapeutic Healing Hazelwood Necklaces

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Unique Handmade
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    100% Québec farmed Hazelwood.

    What makes Urban Bambino and Healing Hazelwood necklaces different?

    These necklaces are designed, created and assembled near the Owen Sound area. Unhappy with what was currently on the market, I have assembled and designed necklaces for my own children and others. My unique creations and quality materials & stylish designs to achieve a look that you’ll be proud to have your baby wear.

    What is Hazelwood?

    Hazelwood beads are actually snippets of branches from the beaked Hazel (corylus cornuta), a tree Indigenous to Quebec, Canada.

    The first nations people first discovered the medicinal properties of the hazel tree, using it to ease a multitude of ailments. Use of the holistic remedy is making a resurgence today due to the health conscious choice of parents to ease their child’s pain naturally with the help of mother nature.

    How does it work?

    When in contact with skin, Hazelwood has the medicinal property of neutralizing the body's acidity, which by doing so, relieves or prevents ailments such as teething pain in infants as well as:

    -psoriasis, eczema & acne

    -constipation & digestive problems


    -sensitive & bleeding gums

    -helps reduce dental cavities


    -acid reflux & heartburn


    and other symptoms

    Are these necklaces Safe?

    All Bead Girl Boutique products are created with your child's safety in mind. The hazelwood beads are strung on high quality 19 strand stainless steel tigertail beading wire and finished with a .925 Sterling Silver clasp. The necklace is fabricated in such a way that if it were to become snagged, one side of the necklace would give under the pressure thus avoiding strangulation or suffocation, yet the beads would remain on the thread preventing tiny hands from swallowing them.

    In the event that your child’s necklace does come undone, you can have it restrung at a cost of $10.

    How long does it last?

    The life span of your necklace will depend on the level of acidity of your little one’s body. A necklace will maintain its effectivness for 4 months to 1 year. Higher acidity may mean a shorter lifespan of the necklace. When the ends of the wood beads darken and/or symptoms return, then it is time to either purchase a new necklace or bracelet….or send it back to us and we’ll restring it with fresh hazelwood beads at half the cost of a new one!


    Babies 11 (in-po) - 27.94(cm)

    Children 12 (in-po) - 30.48(cm)

    Children 13 (in-po) - 33.02(cm)

    Children 14 (in-po) - 35.56(cm)

    Teenagers 16 (in-po) - 40.64(cm)

    Adults 18 (in-po) - 45.72(cm)

    Adults 20 (in-po) - 50.8(cm)

    Adults 22 (in-po) - 55.88(cm)

    Also available in BRACELET:

    Lenght 6 (in-po) - 15.24(cm)

    Lenght 6.5(in-po) - 16.51(cm)

    Lenght 7(in-po) - 17.78(cm)

    Lenght 7.5(in-po) - 19.05(cm)

    Lenght 8(in-po) - 20.32(cm)

    Lenght 8.5(in-po) - 21.59(cm)

    Lenght 9(in-po) - 22.86(cm)

    Lenght 9.5(in-po) - 24.13(cm)

    Lenght 10(in-po) - 25.4(cm)

    Lenght 10.5(in-po) - 26.67(cm)

    If there is something you would like and you have not seen it then you can email me.

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