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Dusky Mauve Crochet with Walnut Sti..
Dusky Mauve Crochet with Walnut Stitch / Ready to ship Handmade knitted BOLERO with handspun angora yarn/ fit size SMALL

Dusky Mauve Crochet with Walnut Stitch / Ready to ship Handmade knitted BOLERO with handspun angora yarn/ fit size SMALL

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    •●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

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    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ♥ ~¤~Welcome to my handmade shop ~¤~

    Ready to dress up with blue jeans and go out!

    Here is a wonderful hand knit shrug/bolero, knit by me. It is similar to the one Kate Middleton is wearing. It is a basic bolero pattern that I have knitted. The edges are ribbed about 2 inches.

    The yarn is my own hand spun from bunny angora fibers. I have dyed the yarn to make this color.

    This rich & sophisticated hand spun soft shrug/bolero is a true treasure!

    Super soft. It is a rich Dusky Mauve in color and is a soft and lofty yarn Knit Angora bolero - perfect for a winter wedding!

    This shrug/bolero will definitely become a favorite for that special person, or even yourself! To keep you warm this winter.

    If you check my shop you will see I have all of the sizes.

    Angora sweaters are so soft and fluffy and are considered a "guilt free fur" because no rabbits have been hurt to produce these sweaters. Get angora products and top off your look in tempting shades, texture and delicate details!

    Angora wool is so soft, so fine, and seven times warmer than sheep's wool. It is a natural hollow chambered fiber that provides the best natural insulation while allowing body moisture to escape, keeping the wearer dry, as well as warm.

    This item ... like almost every item in my shop... is ready to ship. I photograph everything individually so what you see is the exact piece you will receive. The pictures you see are of the exact BOLERO you will receive. This means NO wait and NO unwanted surprises.

    Color: Charcoal Grey

    A perfect gift for any woman.

    ♥ For measurement I use this chart,

    Laying flat measurement:

    -It measures Garment length 14" from TOP to hem

    - sleeve length 15" from under arm

    - from under arm to hem is ~7"

    -18" from arm pit to arm pit, (bust)

    - shoulder length is ~15-16" long

    This shrug/bolero is very Soft, cuddly, and warm

    This sophisticated shrug/bolero will fit size: SMALL

    ♥♥♥ Bunny fiber is good for our body ♥♥♥

    Function and Mode of Action:

    Protection of the body's internal temperature and the "balancing mechanism" to strengthen.

    Sweat, coldness, the creation of the absorption effect.

    Provides stabilization and compression of the joints.

    Encourages and improves blood circulation, oxygen supply to the effect of depth.

    Cleaning the body of toxins and "immune mechanism" to strengthen.

    Muscle, nerve and bone regeneration time is reduced.

    Effectively reduces the pain as soon as possible.


    Heat therapy, supports the healing process

    Suitable long-term treatment

    Many diseases may shorten the duration of rehabilitation

    Any negative side effects

    Drug therapy may be limited so that

    ★★Washing Angora Knitwear

    The number one rule is do not over clean sweaters. Only clean them when they are really soiled. Many people have the misconception you have to clean knitwear before storage and after storage — this is necessary only if they are really dirty.

    • Wash your angora knitwear by hand (do not dry clean) in cold or lukewarm water and a neutral Ph balanced or acidic shampoo or soap (angora and wool are protein fibers). Rinse in cool water to remove all soap or shampoo residue without rubbing. Lay flat to dry at room temperature. AVOID tumble-drying, sunlight and bleaching. Do not EVER place an angora garment in the dryer, or the cylinder: it will felt.

    • Shampoo can be used with any “hair” fiber, such as angora yarn or wool. Hair conditioner in the rinse water will help soften and relax “hair” fibers. We have also successfully used Orvus soap (pH balanced), Eucalan™ or Delicare™. All are gentle and do not contain bleach.

    • Water temperature: cool to lukewarm. Cool doesn’t mean, “ice-cold.” Ice-cold water combined with soap will shock protein fibers and will cause wool to felt and sometimes cause dye to run. Warm water causes fibers to relax which allows soil to be released. Warm water will also set dye and some stains, while cold water will release excess dye. Heat, soap, and agitation will cause wool to “felt.”

    • Let the garment soak for about 20 minutes, stirring it around only once in a while. Drain the water and refill the basin with cold water to rinse. Keep draining and refilling the basin until the water runs clear. If using Eucalan™, do not rinse if leaving it in as a moth repellant.

    • When water runs clear, drain the basin and let garment drain thoroughly before removing it. Roll the garment in a towel to remove excess moisture.

    • Safely wash your fine handcrafted sweaters in oversized mesh laundry bags. Made of polyester with a zipper closure. Keep one bag for light sweaters and one bag for darker sweaters to protect against darker colors transferring to lighter colored garments.

    • Do not wring out the sweater - roll in a towel and gently push on the towel to remove excess water. Then lay it flat to dry over something with ventilation, like a clothes rack. Never hang a sweater, a scarf or any knitwear on a hanger or a doorknob – it will stretch the shape.


    • Do not iron angora sweaters.


    • The best way to store a sweater is folded on a shelf where there is some ventilation. Cedar is best for protection from moths – or if using mothballs, try cedar-scented ones.

    Note: Colors may vary slightly due to monitor settings.

    Thank you very much for visiting!

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