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Mango Chili Mochi Vegan Gluten Free Gummy Candy Bites 12oz

Mango Chili Mochi Vegan Gluten Free..

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New and improved with more mango! A fusion of two of my favorite snacks; chili mangoes and mochi! Wonderfully chewy mochi made with real fresh mango dusted in my own blend of chili, salt and sugar. Very mild but still quite flavorful. (The chili mix is sent on the side so you can add as much or little as you like).

Mochi is a soft, squishy, slightly sticky Japanese snack made from rice. Very similar in texture to gummy candies this is the perfect alternative for meat or gluten free households!

8oz order of mochi bites, they are the perfect size for snacking or putting on ice cream(amazing on avocado ice cream!).

As with all our products these are hand made in small batches and hand cut; this is an artisan product.

Vegan! dairy free, gluten free, egg free, no dye, no artificial flavors

Ingredients: organic evaporated cane juice, water, sweet rice, organic mango, spices, natural sea salt

Allergen warning: processed on equipment shared with soy and nuts - best possible practices are used but if there is an allergy concern lease let me know. My equipment is stainless steel and thoroughly sanitized between every preparation, any nut products are processed in their own dedicated area and no containers are shared with it.

All items are made on dedicated gluten free, dairy free equipment. All ingredients used are certified kosher, but please note our final products are not kosher certified. Soy is used on our equipment; if there is an allergy concern please let us know. Best possible practices are used by a licensed food handler to prevent any possible cross contamination.

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