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Hi, my name is Koula and I live in Athens Greece. My husband and me have a small workshop, where we design and make handmade creations that can be worn every ho..
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About Giftforever

Hi, my name is Koula and I live in Athens Greece. My husband and me have a small workshop, where we design and make handmade creations that can be worn every hour of the day. The materials we like the most are sterling silver, copper, bronze and glass. We are inspired by images of the nature, fairytales, toys and our children.

Hope you enjoy our small treasures we offer you and thank you for choosing us.

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Koula & Kostas

Tell us a bit about yourself and Giftforever ?
Giftforever was born during a hard period for our family. My husband lost his job (he was working as a jewelry maker in a jewelry firm) and we only had my salary in a family of four. Luckily, my dad ownes a small space, ideal for a workshop. We decided to set up our own jewelry workshop and to create our own treasures. Things are getting better and now we can enjoy our small creations
How did you get started in doing what you do? How long have you been creating?
It's been almost a year that we have started working in our own workshop. I am much happier now, because I can see that my husband feels much more creative than he was when he was working in a jewelry firm. I am in charge of the administrative part of the workshop and he is the craftsman. Our workshop is close to our children's school and I do not have to worry anymore about who is going to pick them up from school. Life is just getting better and better...
Where do you get your inspiration?
Almost from everything. Nature, fairytales, reality, children, arts, books, etc. We take pictures of things we like and we try to adjust them as jewelry. Sometimes we do succeed. others don't. This process is extremely tiring and creative at the same time. Games and also our children is another source of inspiration. Almost everyday, when they get back from school, they show us new things learned, from new games to new skills.
What was your first creation? Do you have a favourite?
The first creation was a handmade brooch depicting a sea-turtle. We loved it. I personally love brooches and thus they are my favorites. After that, we cerated a series of animal jewels (rings, earrings, brooches, pendants), a series of fused glass jewels, creations using nemales and liquid glass of various colours, geometric designs etc.
What have you created recently?
We have created a series of handmade jewels made of sterling silver and bronze. We also used black pattina, mineral stones and acrylic colours. We were inspired by various geometric designs and images of the nature.
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