My little dolls and animals are all lovingly created by..
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My little dolls and animals are all lovingly created by me with love and attention to detail. Each one starts out as an idea that begins forming in my mind which I then sketch in my little drawing book. I have accumulated quite a number of these along the way and I often refer back to each of them for new ideas and inspiration.

Once I have my idea on paper, I draw up a pattern. That's when my favourite part begins! I love to go through my large collection of solid and patterned felt, and decide what I'm going to use for a particular project! As I sit and sew it up, I get an idea of what the doll or animal would like to look like once it's done. From there, I add the finishing touches which usually include bits of lace and glass beads and then I decide on a name. I like to find kooky, old-fashioned or strange names for my little ones as they're all unique!

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