Top Trend - Black Bridesmaid Dresses
Posted by Shu Wen Friday 29 Jun 2018
Is black a GO or NO GO for wedding? Especially for bridesmaids.

This topic has been discussed all over on whether black is a good idea to wear to a wedding. The common reason they give was wearing black seems like going for a funeral. Why wear black when you have tons of other colours for selection? Wedding is a happy and joyous event!

Oh well, come on. We all know for sure that black is not = funeral. Black has always been the top on the list in every styles and occasions including weddings for these very few reasons.

1. Black is slenderising and figure-flattering

Girls, this is definitely the top reason why black is a go-to colour of all times. Am I right? Black simply look slenderising and figure-flattering, that simple. Its dark tone camouflages whatever flaws from the head to toes that boost confidence in every girl in every way.

2. Timeless and never go out of style

Black is totally refined and timeless. Classic in style that will never go out of style from time to time. Believe it or not? Just flip through the old photos and you will relate how black is truly timeless.

3. Versatile

Everyone loves versatility. Black matches well with practically every colour and brings the colour or details out perfectly with its dark backdrop. Not only in that, black is also versatile in terms of flattering all body types and any colour skin tones. Wow, doesn't it sound like a crowd pleaser kind of colour?

4. Wearable over and over again

If black bridesmaid dresses are your choice, I am pretty sure your bridesmaid will thank you for that! Girls like me, we do not have much occasion to attend to, so why invest in one that will sit in your closet, collecting dust and wait for it to get out of trend. Black bridesmaid dresses will never let that happen, depending on the styles you are going for, you will definitely reach for it for any occasion.

Let us check out how other brides have incorporated black into their wedding themes.

Black and White with a Touch of Gold

If you opt for a classy and elegant kind of wedding theme, black and white with a touch of luxury gold would be perfect for you just like how this bride and groom nailed it. For the bridesmaids, they are dressed in minimalist off-the-shoulder mermaid long black dress with a v back. To sparkle things up, they are accessorised with a long necklace that draped over the back to complement the sexy design on the black dress.

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Garden Weddings

I am not sure about you. But for me, I am pretty stunned by how well black can blend in so well with nature. I love how the dark greenery backdrop and the two become one come into a picture. This is the perfect exquisite moment captured that are totally pleasing to the eyes.

For Kim, the bride. She said it was a tough task dressing up her 7 bridesmaids. Oh, why am I not surprised. Ultimately, she went for a v neck black spaghetti strap drape dress. Another detail that caught my attention was the heels. Those strappy black with gold heels are truly a charm that elevated their overall look.

A tip here for styling black bridesmaid dress: Add a hint of gold or sparkle either on the heels or accessories to prevent an all-black attire.

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Rustic Theme Weddings

This couple wish to keep it simple as possible, removing whatever that is extra while adding rustic and meaningful details that creates the perfect atmosphere for them as they say I do. The dangling fairy lights on the ceiling and mason jar lights along the aisle truly add the on-point romantic feel in this rustic setting.

From the picture above, we can see that how the bride loves her gals. Allowing them to flaunt their individuality with mismatched black bridesmaid dresses. You can totally see how each bridesmaid dress is unique on its own. With different lengths, necklines, details. Mismatched dress is the talking trend for the modern weddings.

Tips for styling mismatched black bridesmaid dresses: keep one or two elements in common to prevent any conflicting effects for example in this case, it is black and lace.

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Classy Burgundy and Black

Wow, the combination of burgundy and black is totally classy and luxurious just by the look of it in the picture. The wedding backdrop is beyond words and I love how the greenery infused a little nature into these regal wedding. Perfect for winter where we love to keep the surroundings rich and lavish.

For the bridesmaids, to complement the classy theme, they opt for full sequin black dresses. Surprisingly, the sparkly sequins are not too overwhelming and flashy with bling. In fact, they turn out to be elegant with the right amount of glamour.

Tips for styling sequin bridesmaid dresses: go for neutral colours instead of the striking ones, you don't want them to end up looking like going partying. Keep the design minimal. If you wanna tone it down a little, you can have partial sequins, either the top or the bottom with a combination of other fabrics like chiffon.

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Beach Wedding

Black bridesmaid dresses works for the summer beach weddings as well. This couple opted for a modern wedding with spectacular ocean view backdrop that is perfect for the sunny weather.

Since its a beach wedding, the bridesmaid opted for a little black dress for a more carefree look. They look elegant and the length is perfect for unrestricted movements in that beach setting. We love how they add a touch of pink hue from the bouquets to the simple and short black dress. Another unique accessory for the bridesmaids that caught my eye is the oil-paper umbrella that is truly practical for the weather and memorable as well.

The length of dresses do affect the formal factor, as it adds a different feel. So if you are having a formal wedding, it is best to keep the length into consideration.

Tips for styling short bridesmaid dresses: Avoid varying the length of the dresses. It would be best to keep them consistent with the hemline lengths for a picture-perfect look. Since it is short, this would put their heels on display. Flaunt those heels of similar designs or with unique details.

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So these are some of the wedding inspirations that incorporated black and reasons why black bridesmaid dresses should not be dismissed from your options right away. Feel free to share with us if you have any inspo for black bridesmaid dresses!