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Beautiful Girls Wardrobe believes that every girl is beautiful and with the right style, she will shine. We are on a special mission to bring the glamour of fas..
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I emailed the day I did the purchase of this items. Telling them to CANCEL the order if I can not get the product in a week, only needed it for a trip. They emailed it had already been shipped. Which was not True, they printed a label but it clearly did not shipped until 4 days later. The product was order on 10/17th and delivery almost a month later. And product quality is very bad. And They will not take a return. DO NOT purchase this product.
Reviewed by on November 18, 2021
Sexy Printed V-Neck Dress
The size runs very small. The criss-cross straps are not as thick as in the photo, causing it to look like I'm a trussed ham. The top is a slightly different design and not as flattering.
Reviewed by kaycee165 on May 8, 2021
Sexy Split Bikini Swimsuit
Don't recommend at all! The item has not been shipped, this is just a scam.
Reviewed by Kristina de Witt on February 21, 2021
I never received my item that I purchased. I reached to the seller numerous times and never heard back. I will NEVER use this site again and recommend that NO ONE should either.
Reviewed by Michele Stringham on January 21, 2021
2018 Fashion Sexy Print Bikini Swimsuit
I placed this order on May 6th, 2019. It is June 18th, 2019. I still have not received this item. I would like a total refund of this purchase immediately.
Reviewed by Deana R Bologna on June 18, 2019
Sexy Sleeveless Dress 33106
Did not receive item and did not hear back from seller at all.
Reviewed by Sam Dome on April 2, 2018
Slim sleeveless vest printed dress FG42913JH
Horrible service.
Reviewed by Emily_1519 on March 5, 2018
Sexy V-neck long-sleeved dress FG51214JH
Ordered this dress two months ago and have not yet received it.
Reviewed by Erin Mead on December 6, 2017
Slim sleeveless vest dress BF121507NF
Have not received what I ordered and when I try to contact the seller they do not respond. I would never use this site again
Reviewed by Samantha zamora on September 7, 2017
Sexy V-neck short sleeve lace dress SC33101RE
where's my dress? it's been over a month?
Reviewed by sophia schlissel on August 25, 2017
Lace Long-Sleeved Dress
I've messaged the seller twice about when I would receive the dress because I needed it before this Saturday and I got no response. When I bought the dress I looked for an estimated delivery date and there wasn't one. I would have never bought the dress to begin with if I wasn't going to come in time. Also my invoice has said the dress shipped a few days ago but when I track it through usps it says it has not shipped yet. I can guarantee I will be sending the dress back for a full refund and will NEVER order from this site again and will also tell my friends not to either who I mistakenly have introduced to the site.
Reviewed by Jordyn_15 on August 7, 2017
Fashion Slim Lace Dress
It doesn't look like the picture at all. It looks like a cheep golden dress for a childrenparty.
Reviewed by Lisanne van der Werf on May 28, 2017
Sexy wrapped chest Dress VG10607NM
the seller has not maintained contact and as I have already paid the amount I want to know when my product will arrive if not how wil I get my money back?
Reviewed by Nirmala.k on April 26, 2017
Vintage Jacquard Printed Sleeveless Dress FG61301JH
I'm afraid that this is not a legitimate company. I have not received a proper response and ETA for my order. There's no way to communicate or contact anyone.
Reviewed by Irish Obot on December 10, 2016
Handmade Beads Fashion Dress VG123009NM
Looks nothing like the actual dress pictured. Rip off.
Reviewed by Vallone, Isabella on September 23, 2016
Slim short sleeve embroidered lace halter dress VG123007NM
Dress does not look like picture AT ALL. Not one bit, so disappointing. The sizing chart is totally wrong, which I knew I was taking a gamble on. But when this hideous dress showed up at my door I was not ready for that. Tried to contact the seller to get my money back, send the dress back, something but they stop responding to my messages when I asked for a refund. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE. Do not order this dress or anything else from this seller.
Reviewed by Gretchen Richter on April 28, 2015
Fashion Backless Sequined Dresses VG05